National Playwrights Conference

New Works Listed by Decade

2016 - 2020
    Year              Show Title                                 Playwright
2016   Running on Fire   Aurin Squire
2016   Teenage Dick   Mike Lew
2016   The Burdens   Matt Schatz
2016   Small Town Values   Kathryn Walat
2016   Against the Hillside   Sylvia Khoury
2016   Laura and the Sea   Kate Tarker
2016   Girls in Cars Underwater   Tegan McLeod
2016   Up the Hill   Keith Huff
2016       Stephen Karam
2010 - 2015
Year Show Title Playwright
2015 Leftovers Josh Wilder
2015 Good Ol' Boys Joe Waechter
2015 End of Shift Jenny Connell Davis
2015 No One's Sonata Steven Sater
2015 Cardboard Piano Hansol Jung
2015 Halftime With Don Ken Weitzman
2015 Nomad Motel Carla Ching
2015 Slow Food Wendy MacLeod
2014 Tiger Style! Mike Lew
2014 I'm Gonna Pray For You So Hard Halley Feiffer
2014 Ugly Lies the Bone Lindsey Ferrentino
2014 The Imaginary Music Critic Who Doesn't Exist David Mitchell Robinson
2014 A Power Play; Or, What's-its-name A. Rey Pamatmat
2014 Bright Half Life Tanya Barfield
2014   David Auburn
2014   Samuel D. Hunter
2013 The Solid Sand Below Martín Zimmerman
2013 Samsara Lauren Yee
2013 A Great Wilderness Sam Hunter
2013 Little Children Dream of God Jeff Augustin
2013 The Oregon Trail Bekah Brunstetter
2013 All the Roads Home Jen Silverman
2013 Evanston: A Rare Comedy Michael Yates Crowley
2013 Lost Lake David Auburn
2013   Sarah Gubbins
2013   Josh Harmon
2012 Alligator Hilary Bettis
2012 Hype Hero (King Patch) Dominic Taylor
2012 Orange Julius Basil Kreimendahl
2012 Provenance Anne Garcia-Romero
2012 Reclamation Ken Weitzman
2012 The Tall Girls Meg Miroshnik
2012 The Way of Things Theresa Rebeck
2012 Two Lakes, Two Rivers Laura Jacqmin
2012 The Age of Exploration Greg Kotis
2011 Acquainted With the Night Keith Reddin
2011 An Incident Anna Ziegler
2011 Good Goods Christina Anderson
2011 How We Got On Idris Goodwin
2011 Leveling Up Deborah Zoe Laufer
2011 The Happiest Song Plays Last Quiara Alegría Hudes
2011 The Nether Jennifer Haley
2011 Troublemaker, or The Freakin Kick-A Adventures of Bradley Boatright Dan LeFranc
2010 A Devil at Noon Anne Washburn
2010 Close Up Space Molly Smith Metzler
2010 Comes a Faery James McLindon
2010 Creation Kathryn Walat
2010 Follow Me to Nellie’s Dominique Morisseau
2010 The Burden of Not Having a Tail Carrie Barrett
2010 The Dream of the Burning Boy David West Read
2010 Carl's Sister Alfred Uhry
2010 Natasha's Dream Yaroslava Alexandrovna Pulinovich 
2010   Chris D’Arienzo


2000 - 2009
Year Show Title Playwright
2009 Bogwog Abbie Spallen
2009 Carthage Emily Schwend
2009 Fire Work Lauren Gunderson
2009 House of Gold Gregory Moss
2009 Spoon Lake Blues Josh Tobiessen
2009 The Color of Desire Nilo Cruz
2009 The Language Archive Julia Cho
2009 Family Happiness Katia Rubina
2009 Mr. Williams & Ms. Wood Max Wilk
2009   Tracey Scott Wilson
2008 Box Americana Jason Grote
2008 Italian Sojourn Neena Beber
2008 Magnolia Regina Taylor
2008 Smudge Rachel Axler
2008 The Legend of Minnie Willet Ann Marie Healy
2008 The Near East Alex Lewin
2008 Thunder Above, Deeps Below A. Rey Pamatmat
2008 Without You Ursula Rani Sarma
2008 Two Things You Don’t Talk About At Dinner Lisa Loomer 
2008   Tracy Letts
2007 End Days Deborah Zoe Laufer
2007 Good Boys and True Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
2007 Guardians Lucy Caldwell
2007 The Ballad of Emmett Till Ifa Bayeza
2007 The Book Club Play Karen Zacarias
2007 The Crowd You’re In With Rebecca Gilman
2007 The Velvet Rut James Still
2007 The Woodpecker Samuel Brett Williams
2006 1001 Jason Grote
2006 Air Conditioning Tommy Smith 
2006 Bird in the Hand Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas
2006 False Creeds Darren Canady
2006 The Exchange Ursula Rani Sarma
2006 The K of D Laura Schellhardt
2006 The Receptionist Adam Bock
2006 The Tale Tommy Smith, Michael McQuilken 
2006 Ruined Lynn Nottage
2005 Antebellum Robert O'Hara
2005 Cradle of Man Melanie Marnich
2005 Durango Julia Cho
2005 Great Falls Lee Blessing
2005 Norman Rockwell Killed My Father Samuel D. Hunter 
2005 Rearviewmirror Eric Winick
2005 The Boy Next Door Jennifer L. Baum
2005 The Importance of Being Orson Jessica Cooke
2005 The Sound of Silence Craig J. Weiner
2005 THRASH Wendy MacLeod
2005 Nixon's Daughter Jacqueline Brogan
2004 Afterdark Kara Manning
2004 As Reaper in Summer Grain Keith Byron Kirk
2004 Blind Mouth Singing Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas
2004 Dark Yellow Julia Jordan
2004 Erin Go Bragh-less John Shea
2004 Living Room in Africa Bathsheba Doran
2004 Slay the Dragon Victor Lodato
2004 The Electric Century Andrew Case
2004 The Frugal Repast Ron Hirsen
2004 Transference Wayne Peter Liebman
2003 A Small, Melodramatic Story Stephen Belber
2003 After Ashley Gina Gionfriddo
2003 Barking Girl Susan Bernfield
2003 Cascarones Irma Mayorga
2003 Dark Matters Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
2003 Deeds S. M. Shephard-Massat
2003 Father Joy Sheri Wilner 
2003 Fuente Cusi Cram
2003 Mr. Fox: A Rumination Bill Irwin
2003 Rock Shore Lisa Dillman
2003 Smoking Kills Dominic Leggett
2003 Gompers Adam Rapp
2003 Theater for One Christine Jones
2003 Three Italian Women Laura Maria Censabella
2003   Wendy Hammond
2002 Hindustan William DiCanzio
2002 Klonsky and Schwartz Romulus Linney
2002 Levee James Sherry M. Shephard-Massat
2002 Mae Letitia Guillory
2002 Millicent Scowlworthy Rob Handel 
2002 Moontel Six Constance Congdon
2002 Motherhouse Victor Lodato
2002 Pro Bono Publico Peter Morris
2002 The Ballad of Billy K: “The Tall Tale Adventures of the Crazy K Kid” Katherine Griffin, Phill George
2002 The Bebop Heard in Okinawa Mat Smart
2002 The Colossus of Rhodes Carey Perloff
2002 The Zero Hour Madeleine George
2002 Totally Over You Mark Ravenhill 
2002 Untilwefindeachother Brooke Berman
2002 Whores Lee Blessing
2002 After Marselles/Ikamva Janet Neipris
2002 Fascination Jim Grimsley
2002 Gem of the Ocean August Wilson
2002 The Highwayman Julia Jarcho
2001 Black Sheep Lee Blessing
2001 Eighteen Allison Moore
2001 Finer Noble Gases Adam Rapp
2001 Frame 312 Keith Reddin
2001 Going Gone Karen Hartman
2001 Guinevere Gina Gionfriddo
2001 Lucy and the Conquest Cusi Cram
2001 Moving Picture Dan O'Brien
2001 Mrs. Plenty Horses Judy GeBauer
2001 Old Woman Flying Susan Johnston
2001 Smashing Brooke Berman
2001 Sodom and Gomorrah Jean Giraudoux, Michael Feingold
2001 The Bread of Winter Victor Lodato
2001 Tuesdays with Morrie Jeffrey Hatcher
2001 Yes, Please and Thank You Kirsten Greenidge
2001 Studebaker/The New Release David Cale
2001 The Dreams of Sara Breedlove Regina Taylor
2001 What Unravels Patricia Smith
2000 a.m. Sunday Jerome Hairston
2000 Kimberly Akimbo David Lindsay-Abaire
2000 Madinina Sarah C. Diamond
2000 No Niggers, No Jews, No Dogs John Henry Redwood
2000 Parts Unknown Ron Fitzgerald
2000 Pavane Alexandra Cunningham
2000 Road Rage: A Love Story Wendy Hammond
2000 Skitaletz Dmitry Lipkin
2000 The Hand of God Daisy Foote
2000 The Home Life of Polar Bears Hilly Hicks
2000 The Square Root of Minus One Peter Morris
2000 Thief River Lee Blessing
2000 Where It Came From Susan Kim
2000 Body Songs John Belluso
2000 Breath of An American Spirit Christina Anderson
2000 Breath, Boom Kia Corthron 


1990 - 1999
Year Show Title Playwright
1999 Buckley’s Hope Ernie Blackmore
1999 Cyclone Ron Fitzgerald
1999 Dream House Carl Caportorto
1999 Free Lessons Jacob Aaron Estes 
1999 Josephine 65 Kirsten Greenidge
1999 Last Stand of the Comanche Riders Elise Forier
1999 Memorial Day Herman Daniel Farrell, III
1999 Pork Pie Michael Genet
1999 Royalty and Rogues Miro Gavran
1999 Survivor’s Rites Norman Caito
1999 The Elephant’s Cry Farid Nagim
1999 The Falls Hilary Bell
1999 The Hunger Education Jessica Goldberg
1999 The Winning Streak Lee Blessing
1999 The Women of Lockerbie Deborah Baley Brevoort
1998 Barefoot Boy with Shoes On Edwin Sanchez
1998 Extenuating Circumstances Dan Gurskis
1998 Five Rooms of Furniture Dhana-Marie Branton
1998 Folk Machine Alexandra Tolk
1998 Fuddy Meers David Lindsay-Abaire
1998 How I Became an Interesting Person Will Dunne
1998 Manhattan Casanova Jenny Lyn Bader
1998 Orinthology Aleksandr Stroganov
1998 The Dead Boy Joseph Pintauro
1998 The Kitchen Charlie Schulman
1998 The Last Communist Trio Dmitry Gelfand
1998 The White Black Man Charles OyamO Gordon
1997 Angel on My Shoulder Michele Raper Rittenhouse
1997 Disgruntled Employees Kevin Crowley
1997 Dreams The Silent Dead Jeffrey Alan Miller 
1997 La Llorona… and Other Tales of the American Southwest Elise Forier
1997 Love and Drowning Will Dunne
1997 Mean Creek Jacob Aaron Estes 
1997 Monday? Don’t Tell Me It’s Monday! Karl Sundby
1997 No Comments Ilya Ognev
1997 Strangers’ Ground Erik Brogger
1997 The End of the Road Robert Kerr
1997 The Eye of the Storm… A Shipwreck Trilogy Hilary Bell
1997 The Feast of the Flying Cow… And Other Stories of War Jeni Mahoney
1997 The Nut House Nina Bunche Pierce
1997 The Second Generation Joshua Metzger
1997 Trueblinka Adam Rapp
1996 Banishment from Hell Anton Markov 
1996 Black Russian Thomas Gibbons
1996 Eyes of the Heart Catherine Filloux
1996 Ghosts in the Cottonwoods Adam Rapp
1996 Going To St. Ives Lee Blessing
1996 Hotel Desperado Will Dunne
1996 Missionary of Love Lennart Lidstrom 
1996 Morton Henry D. Meltz 
1996 Most Wanted Peter Sagal
1996 Mothers I.E. Issak
1996 Swimming on the Moon John Richards Soster
1996 The Adventures of Herculina Kira Obolensky
1996 The Young Girl and the Monsoon James Ryan
1996 Undead Mary Lathrop
1996 We Miss You, Stink Karen L.B. Evans
1996 Fuschia Mary Gail
1996 Triumph of the Spirit G.B. White
1995 A Love of the Game Kevin Kane
1995 All Americans Jamie Baker
1995 Between Men and Cattle Richard Kalinoski
1995 Eurydice’s Return Alexander Detkov 
1995 Florida Marcia Cebulska
1995 Into the Fire Deborah B. Baley
1995 Stand Toni Press
1995 The Brides of Chernobyo Vladimir Gubarev
1995 The Guy Upstairs Mark Eisman 
1995 The Nickel Children Eric John Litra 
1995 The Old Settler John Henry Redwood
1995 The Preservation Society Wm. S. Leavengood
1995 The Second-Story Man Richard Strand
1995 There Herman Daniel Farrell, III
1994 A Portrait of Devotion Michael Quixote Fellmeth
1994 An Undivided Heart Brandon Toropov
1994 Bedfellows Herman Daniel Farrell, III
1994 Christ of the Coopermans Ronald Kidd
1994 Drowning Sorrows Douglas Post
1994 La Magica Bill Bozzone
1994 Mister Light Ilari Nummi, Tina Ball
1994 My Son Susie Cheryl Royce 
1994 Over the River and Through the Woods Joe DiPietro
1994 Owning the Knuckleball Stuart Warmflash
1994 Return to Guayaquil Raul Brambilla, Marco Purroy
1994 Seven Guitars August Wilson
1994 The Clan of the Quillins John Paul
1994 The Light Outside Kate Robin
1993 17 Black Wm. S. Leavengood
1993 A Name for the Moon Thomas W. Stephens
1993 Entries Bernardo Solano
1993 In the Valley of the Human Spirit Lesli-Jo Morizono
1993 Killing Jazz Frederic Glover
1993 Locked Doors and Lightning Bugs Jett Parsley
1993 Marina Youri Volkov
1993 Mysterious Connections Peter Hardy
1993 Tenderness Jonas Gardell
1993 The Book of Lamb Kirk Aanes
1993 The Cradle of Maybe Gay Walch
1993 The Interrogation Evert Eden
1993 White Oak Hunt Scarritt 
1993 You Send Me Rick Cleveland 
1992 A Thimble of Smoke Elroyce Jones 
1992 Arthur and Leila Cherylene Lee
1992 Blackwater J.Dakota Powell
1992 Charlie’s Wedding Day Patricia Goldstone
1992 Different Susan Arnout Smith 
1992 Empathy, Inc. Jerry Isaacs
1992 Eulogy Ted Hoover
1992 Hero At Last Frederick Dillen 
1992 I Have Often Dreamed of Arriving Alone in a Strange Country Patricia Cobey
1992 Scotland Road Jeffrey Hatcher
1992 Straight Man Ian Kerner
1992 The Spinning Top Ilya Chlakishvili 
1992 Tough Call Ronald Kidd
1992 Voodoo Nickle Patti Patton
1991 A God in the House Peter Selgin 
1991 And Fat Freddy’s Blues P.J. Barry
1991 And Give Us the Shadows Lars Noren 
1991 Angel of Death Charlie Schulman
1991 Charisma John Darago
1991 Dinosaur Dreams Tom Szentgyorgyi
1991 Eating Beige Patricia Cobey 
1991 Home Grown Rick Cleveland
1991 How I Got My Apartment Phil Bosakowski 
1991 Pigs and Bugs Paul Zimmerman
1991 Russian Boredom Alexei Slapovsky
1991 Vandals Jeffrey Hatcher
1991 Washington Square Moves Matthew Witten
1991 Weller Gannon Kenney
1990 Bobby, Can You Hear Me? Judy GeBauer
1990 Bricklayers Elvira DiPaolo
1990 Buster Comes Through Phil Bosakowski
1990 Coyote Hangin’ On a Barbed Wire Fence Percy Granger
1990 Down the Shore Tom Donaghy
1990 Empathy Ned Eisenberg
1990 Exodus Mikhail V. Mekhanoshin
1990 Jump at the Sun Kathleen McGhee-Anderson 
1990 Off the Meter Peter Zablotsky 
1990 Sons of Don Juan John PiRoman
1990 The Enchanted Maze Murphy Guyer
1990 The Wizards of Quiz Steve Feffer
1990 Ties That Bind Walter Allen Bennett, Jr.


1980 - 1989
Year Show Title Playwright
1989 Daylight in Exile James D'Entremont
1989 Earth and Sky Douglas Post
1989 Gulliver Lonnie Carter
1989 Have You Seen Road Smith? Willy Holtzman 
1989 Heaven on Earth Robert Schenkkan
1989 Mapping Uranium Annie Evans
1989 Mud People Keith Huff
1989 Rattan Jeffrey Hatcher 
1989 Ready for the River Neal Bell
1989 Rust and Ruin William Snowden
1989 Songs without Words Jonathan Levy
1989 The Confessions of Franklin Thompson, III Kermit Frazier
1989 The Cottage Yuri Knyazev
1988 A Slice of the Pie Jeff Wanshel
1988 And The Men Shall Also Gather Jeffrey Stetson
1988 Birdsend Keith Huff
1988 Black Holes Leslie Lyles 
1988 Brother Champ Michael Kassin
1988 Demon Wine Thomas Babe
1988 Forgiving Typhoid Mary Mark St. Germain
1988 Gas Robert Berger
1988 Interrogating the Nude Doug Wright
1988 Sodbusters Craig Volk
1988 Starting Monday Anne Commire
1988 Suffering Fools  Douglas Post
1988 The Beach Anthony Giardina
1988 The Hill-Matheson Affair Robert Clyman 
1988 To My Loving Son Nancy Gilsenan 
1987 Amnesia Richard Dresser 
1987 Angela E.A. Wyatt
1987 Breakfast with Strangers Valadien Dozortsev
1987 Chute Roosters Craig Volk
1987 Drawing Down the Moon McCarthy Coyle
1987 Neddy Jeffrey Hatcher
1987 Nobody Howard Korder
1987 Reclaimed Judy GeBauer
1987 Saintly Mother Donald C. Drake 
1987 Slippers on the Street Paul Minx
1987 Soulful Scream of a Chosen Son Ned Eisenberg
1987 Southern Comforts Kathleen Clark
1987 The Holy Note Nancy Grome
1987 The My House Play Wendy MacLeod
1986 A Provincial Episode Lali Roseba
1986 A Walk in the Woods Lee Blessing
1986 Abandoned in Queens Laura Maria Censabella
1986 Bait and Switch Richard Dresser 
1986 Banner Kathleen Clark
1986 Blessé Cindy Lou Johnson
1986 Blood Brothers Nancy Grome
1986 Blood in the Straw & The Fight Party Christopher Moore 
1986 Italian American Reconciliation John Patrick Shanley
1986 Overnight Lows Susan River
1986 Piano for Sale Barbara Davenport
1986 The Emigration of Adam Kurtzik Theodore Herstand
1986 The Lost Colony Wendy MacLeod 
1986 The Last Good Moment of Lilly Baker Russell Davis
1986 The Piano Lesson August Wilson
1986 The Squeeze Stephen Davis Parks
1986 The Wedding Portrait Gudmundur Steinsson
1985 A Child’s Tale Carl Caportorto
1985 All Good Men George Rubino 
1985 Butterfly Richard Wesley
1985 Deutschland Robert Kinerk
1985 Fun James Bosley
1985 Fun in the Physical World James D'Entremont
1985 Geronimo Jones: An American Folktale Charles OyamO Gordon 
1985 If I Live/The Cottage Sergei Kikovin
1985 In This Fallen City Bryan Williams
1985 Jass John Pielmeier
1985 Jazz Wives Jazz Lives Laura Maria Censabella
1985 Oak and Ivy Kathleen McGhee-Anderson
1985 Thaw: A Russian Melodrama Roger Cornish
1985 The Dreamer Examines His Pillow John Patrick Shanley
1985 Trinity Site Janeice Scarbrough
1985 Union Boys James Yoshimura
1984 A Dialogue Between Eugene O’Neill and Me Hung Shen 
1984 American Music Bennett Cohen
1984 El Gran Ferrucci Raul Brambilla 
1984 Family Face Richard Hamburger
1984 Gallup John Haskell
1984 Henry & Peter & Henry & Me George Hutchinson 
1984 Joe Turner’s Come and Gone August Wilson
1984 Jov Y Jose Jose Simon Escalona 
1984 Kiss Me, I’m Jewish Henry Myers 
1984 Mitzi’s Glory Carl Capotorto
1984 Moonya Cindy Lou Johnson
1984 National Anthems Dennis McIntyre
1984 Raw Youth Neal Bell
1984 Sauté Stephen Davis Parks
1984 Savage in Limbo John Patrick Shanley
1984 The Bells Gennady Mamlin 
1984 The Dragon Can’t Dance Earl Lovelace 
1984 The Quiet in the Land Jerry Eugene McGlown
1984 The Square Root of Three Michael Golder
1984 Three Against Possum Bend Ira & Eugenia Hauptman
1984 Tough Girls Douglas Gower & Paula Cizmar
1984 War of the Roses Lee Blessing
1983 Beloved Sissy Nancy Gilsenan
1983 But Two Can Frances O'Connell
1983 Danny and the Deep Blue Sea John Patrick Shanley
1983 Fences August Wilson
1983 Great Divide Robert Litz
1983 Independence Lee Blessing
1983 Life and Limb Keith Reddin
1983 Melody Sisters Anne Commire
1983 Night and Day Lars Noren 
1983 Ohio Tip-off James Yoshimura
1983 Open Heart William di Canzio
1983 Strega or the Witch Anna Theresa Cascio
1983 The Able-Bodied Seaman Alan Bowne
1983 The Day of the Picnic  Russell Davis
1983 The Listener Laura Harrington
1983 The Ordinary Michel Vinaver 
1982 A Knife in the Heart Susan Yankowitz
1982 AWOL Carol Williams
1982 Clara Toil Harry Kondoleon
1982 Coyote Ugly Lynn Seifert
1982 First Draft Yale Udoff
1982 Ghost Dancing Phil Penningroth
1982 Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom August Wilson
1982 Marvelous Gray Diane Kagan
1982 Playing in Local Bands Nancy Fales Garrett
1982 Poppa Dorothy G. Fields
1982 Proud Flesh James Nicholson
1982 Some Rain James Edward Luczak
1982 Stitchers and Starlight Talkers Kathleen Betsko
1982 The Bunkhouse Terrence Ortwein
1982 The Conquest Betsy Julia Robinson
1982 The Further Adventures of Sally Russell Davis
1982 Theatre in the Time of Nero and Seneca Edvard Radzinsky 
1981 Benny J. Rufus Caleb
1981 Christchild J.E. Franklin
1981 C-Section William di Canzio
1981 Fire at Luna Park Theodore Fero Gross
1981 Flash Floods Dare Clubb
1981 Going Over Stuart Browne
1981 Hage – The Sexual History Robert Auletta
1981 Home Remedies Paul Minx
1981 Johnny Bull Kathleen Betsko
1981 Last Looks Grace McKeaney
1981 Patterns Elizabeth Blake
1981 Sons and Fathers of Sons Ray Aranha
1981 Starters Jack Gelber
1981 Still Life with Cow John Gehm
1981 Summer Children Granvilette Williams
1981 The End of the Teflon-Coated Life June Calender
1980 A Thousand Miles to Freedom Fred Hudson
1980 Cathexis Lee Minoff
1980 Details Without A Map Barbara Schneider
1980 Echoes James D. Pendleton
1980 Einstein and the Polar Bear Tom Griffin
1980 Holy Mary John Faro PiRoman
1980 My Mother, My Father, My Sister and Me Peter Tripp
1980 Sally and Marsha Sybille Pearson
1980 Seconds Judy GeBauer
1980 Sundancers Craig Volk
1980 The Meeting of the Creditors of J. Matthew Spengler Michael J. Chepiga
1980 The Snow Orchid Joseph Pintauro
1980 The Summer Garden Terry Curtis Fox
1980 The War Brides Terry Wagener
1980 Wanna Conrad Bishop
1980 Willie Leslie Lee


1970 - 1979
Year Show Title Playwright
1979 Aftermath Gus Edwards
1979 Agnes of God John Pielmeier
1979 F.O.B. David Henry Hwang
1979 House of Cards Theodore Faro Gross
1979 Kernel of Sanity Kermit Frazier
1979 King Crab Preston M. Ransone
1979 Pen Barbara Field
1979 Rite of Passage James D. Pendleton
1979 She Also Dances Kenneth Arnold
1979 Showdown at the Adobe Motel Lanny Flaherty
1979 Skidding Into Slow Time Stephen Davis Parks
1979 Snow-Pressings Ray Aranha
1979 Terry By Terry Mark Leib
1979 The Lilac Season Louisa Burns-Bisogno
1979 Whispers Crispin Larangeira
1979 Wives Lynda Myles
1978 All Honorable Men  Michael J. Chepiga
1978 Beggar’s Choice Kathleen Betsko
1978 Bent Martin Sherman
1978 Chameleon Sandra Bertrand
1978 China Beach Brian J. McFadden
1978 Friends Crispin Larangeira
1978 Getting Off Lee Thomas
1978 Hollow Image Lee Hunkins
1978 Leela Means to Play Beverley Simons
1978 Let It Go Patricia Cooper
1978 Off Day Curt Dempster
1978 Put Them All Together Anne Commire
1978 Sight Lines Mark Eisman
1978 Texas Dry John Olive
1978 The Bloodrite Owa
1978 The Gayden Chronicles Michael Cook
1978 The Idol Makers Stephen Davis Parks
1978 Threads Jonathan Bolt
1977 Another Mother Elaine Denholtz
1977 At the End of Long Island Richard Lees
1977 Black Body Blues Augustus J. Edwards
1977 Custer Robert E. Ingham
1977 Eminent Domain Percy Granger
1977 Gazelle Boy Ronald Tavel
1977 Mama’s Girl Frank Cucci
1977 Prayer for My Daughter Thomas Babe
1977 Scooter Thomas Makes it to the Top of the World Peter Parnell
1977 Terra Nova Ted Tally
1977 The Elusive Angel Jack Gilhooley
1977 The Last American Dixieland Band Philip Hayes Dean
1977 The Last Tenant George Rubino
1977 Two Small Bodies Neal Bell
1977 Uncommon Women and Others Wendy Wasserstein
1977 Windfall Apples Roma Greth
1976 A History of the American Film Christopher Durang
1976 As to the Meanings of Words Mark Eichman
1976 Benefit of a Doubt Edward J. Clinton
1976 Billy Barbara Keiler
1976 Checkers, Lions, Snapshots and Time Joseph C. Barnes
1976 Daddy’s Duet Clifford Turknett
1976 G.R. Point David Berry
1976 Heartland Pat Staten
1976 Ladyhouse Blues Kevin O'Morrison
1976 Pirates Amlin Gray
1976 Secrets of the Rich Arthur Kopit
1976 Suckers Werner Liepolt
1976 The Defense Edgar White
1976 The Shanglers Betsy Julia Robinson
1976 The Sugar Bowl Stanley Taikeff
1976 Winds of Change Barbara Field
1975 Cracks Martin Sherman
1975 Dead And Never Called Me Mother Robert Lord
1975 Debts Daniel Owens
1975 Hollinrake’s Gambit Lance Lee
1975 Jesse and the Bandit Queen David Freeman
1975 Lament of the Cho-Cho Neil Yarema
1975 Marco Polo Jonathan Levy
1975 The Brownsville Raid Charles Fuller
1975 The Primary English Class Israel Horovitz
1975 The Spelling Bee Marsha Sheiness
1975 Win with Wheeler Lee Kalcheim
1975 Work in Progress  (Isadora Duncan Sleeps with the Russian Navy) Jeff Wanshel
1974 A Grave Undertaking Lucky Gold
1974 Earthworms Albert Innaurato
1974 Everynight When the Sun Goes Down Philip Hayes Dean
1974 Falling Apart Monte Merrick
1974 Founding Father Amlin Gray
1974 Once and for All Robert Gordon
1974 She’s Bad Today A.E.O. Goldman
1974 Taking Care of Harry Corinne Jacker
1974 The Juice Problem Charles OyamO Gordon
1974 The Mighty Gents Richard Wesley
1974 The Prague Spring Lee Kalcheim
1974 You’re Too Tall, But Come Back in Two Weeks Richard Venture
1973 Confessions of a Female Disorder Susan Miller
1973 Crazy Niggers Charles OyamO Gordon
1973 Eight Ball Richard Wesley
1973 Fix Mark Eisman
1973 Goin’ Thru Changes Richard Wesley
1973 Holmes and Moriarty Allen Sternfield
1973 In the Voodoo Parlor of Marie Laveau Frank Gagliano
1973 Magritte Skies Yale Udoff
1973 Our Father’s Failing Israel Horovitz
1973 Shay Anne Commire
1973 The Hemingway Play Frederick Hunter
1973 The Transfiguration of Benno Blimpie Alvert Innaurato
1973 What Reason Could I Give? Daniel Owens
1973 The Past is the Past Richard Wesley
1973 The Wakefield Play, Part 1; Alfred the Great Israel Horovitz
1972 A Disturbance of Mirrors Pat Staten
1972 Alfred the Great: A Comic Tragedy Israel Horovitz
1972 And the Old Man Had Two Sons Elizabeth Levin
1972 Artists for the Revolution Eric Thompson
1972 Casanova and His Mother Danny Lipman
1972 Porcelain Time Ron Cowen
1972 Prodigal in Black Stone Lennox Brown
1972 Professor George Marsha Sheiness
1972 Smile Orange Trevor Rhone
1972 Stuck Sandra Scoppettone
1972 Tales of the Revolution and Other American Fables Jane Chambers
1972 The Breakout Charles OyamO Gordon
1972 The Cretan Bull Kenneth H. Brown
1972 The Executioners Charles Kespert
1972 The General Brutus Jeff Wanshel
1972 The Web Trevor Rhone
1972 Warren Harding Steven Shea
1971 A Little Singing, A Little Dancing Robert Kimmel Smith
1971 African Star John Jiler
1971 American Triptych Werner Leipolt
1971 auto-destruct Jeff Wanshel
1971 Body and Soul Helen Rathje
1971 Bruce Gerry Carroll
1971 Campion William Griffin
1971 Ishtar Robert Ross
1971 Lonnie, James, Berhardt, and Zoowolski John E. Sedlak
1971 Project Omega: Lillian Corinne Jacker
1971 Respects Jerry Spindel
1971 S.R.O. Ken Eulo
1971 The Complaint Department Closes at Five Edward M. Cohen
1971 The Morgan Yard Kevin O’Morrison
1970 A Couple O’Charleys Michael R. David
1970 A Perfect Gentleman Herbert Appleman
1970 A Queen Can Lay Eggs Robert Ross
1970 Gandiji Rose Leiman Goldemberg
1970 Good Morning, Blues Jon Surgal
1970 Little Orfeo’s Play Edgar White
1970 Madmen and Specialists Wole Soyinka
1970 Modern Times Richard Lee Hoffman
1970 Person To Person Robert Gordon
1970 Rafferty One By One Rolfe Fjelde
1970 Ride A Black Horse John S. Scott
1970 The Film Club Merritt Abrash
1970 The Petition Donald R. Flynn
1970 What Price A Slave Errol Hill


1965 - 1969
Year Show Title Playwright
1969 Balance Gary Martin
1969 Bedlam James Broughton
1969 Dream On Monkey Mountain Derek Walcott
1969 Fin Mukoll, The Grand Distraction Frank Hogan
1969 King Solomon is Dead Frederick Gaines
1969 Man in Space Jon Swan
1969 Rasputin Lance Lee
1969 Seigis Mundos’ Tricycle Edgar White
1969 The Babymakers Barbara Davenport
1969 The Concept Vernen Hinkle
1969 The Disintegration of James Cherry Jeff Wanshel
1969 The MockingBird William Parchman
1969 The Party William Parchman
1969 The Rose Man Leon Gillen
1969 Trees Tom Oliver
1969 Valentine’s Day Ron Cowen
1969 Vapors Jamil Zakkai
1969 Where Did You Put It When You Had It? Doris Schwerin
1968 A Face Worth Saving Frank Hogan
1968 An Audible Sigh Lee Kalcheim
1968 Arrangement For Children Robert Herron
1968 Blakes Meadow James Kalett
1968 Cop-Out John Guare
1968 Fantasy Tobi Louis
1968 Fireworks For A Hot Fourth Jon Swan
1968 Home By Hollywood Oliver Hailey
1968 Lemon Sky Lanford Wilson
1968 Midsummer Night Trip John Wolfson
1968 Movie, Movie of the Wall Sally Ordway
1968 Prince of Peasantmania Frank Gagliano
1968 Rainless Sky Neil Yarema
1968 Redemption Center Ron Cowen
1968 Sister Sadie and the Son of Sam Clifford Mason
1968 Still Life with Apples Ruth Rehrer Wolf
1968 The Prize in the Cracker Jack Box William Parchman
1968 The Thief David Trainer
1967 Day of Grace Charles Frink
1967 Father Uxbridge Wants to Marry Frank Gagliano
1967 Folly Cove Ruth Rehrer Wolf
1967 Fragments of a Last Judgment Jan Hartman
1967 High Spirits in People Donald Cunningham
1967 It’s Called the Sugarplum Israel Horovitz
1967 Just Before Morning Tom Oliver Crehore
1967 Lamentation on a High Hill Marc Smith
1967 Man Around the House Joe Julian
1967 Muzeeka John Guare
1967 Ropewalk Rolf Fjelde
1967 Summertree Ron Cowen
1967 Syndrome Shift John Wolfson
1967 The Drums Make Me Nervous Doris Schwerin
1967 The Miracle of the Magazine Worker Jerome Kass
1967 The Prowler Lucy Rosenthal
1967 Who’s Happy Now? Oliver Hailey
1966 Bedford Forrest Joel Olianski
1966 Madonna in the Orchard Paul Foster
1966 Moxie Malone’s 200 Days Doris Schwerin
1966 Passage To Bohemia Sally Ordway
1966 Somebody’s There Emanuel Peluso
1966 Switzerland Rolfe Fjelde
1966 The Bird, The Bear and the Actress John Glennon
1966 The House of Blue Leaves John Guare
1966 The Indian Wants the Bronx Israel Horovitz
1966 The Plagiarist Lucy Rosenthal
1966 The Shelter Marc Smith
1966 The Shirt Leonard Melfi
1966 The Sudden and Accidental Re-Education of Horse Johnson Douglas Taylor
1966 Time is a Thief Tobi Louis
1966 Ups, Downs and Evens Joe Julian
1965   Rolfe Fjelde
1965   Paul Foster
1965   Charles Frink
1965   Frank Gagliano
1965   John Glennon
1965   John Guare
1965   Israel Horovitz
1965   Joe Julian
1965   Tobi Louis
1965   Leonard Melfi
1965   Joel Olianski
1965   Tom Oliver
1965   Sally Ordway
1965   Emanuel Peluso
1965   Lucy Rosenthal
1965   Doris Schwerin
1965   Marc Smith
1965   Douglas Taylor
1965   Lanford Wilson
1965   Edward Albee 
1965   Richard Barr