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15th Annual Eugene O'Neill Celebration

Posted by Communications on September 8, 2014

15th Annual Eugene O'Neill Celebration

Stage Directions of America's Greatest Dramatist

Stage directions are an oft-overlooked part of dramatic works. The 15th Annual Eugene O’Neill Celebration examines the enormous impact New London played on his stage directions, settings, characters, and plots.

The two-day program will includes a fully produced performance by NY Neo-Futurists in partnership with Connecticut College, free script-in-hand staged readings, panel discussions with O’Neill scholars, and open house tours at the Monte Cristo Cottage—O’Neill’s boyhood summer home.

Friday, October 24 - 7:30pm


OnStage @ Connecticut College presents a hilarious performance of NY Neo-Futurists THE COMPLETE & CONDENSED STAGE DIRECTIONS of EUGENE O'NEILL, VOLUME II.

Based on O'Neill's early works; RECKLESSNESS, WARNINGS, FOG, ABORTION, and THE SNIPER, the performance is an “adventure into the subconscious of an American theater legend, by removing his dialogue and condensing his plays down to pure action.”

“Eugene O’Neill — what a bully! His stage directions go on for pages at a time, dictating every aspect of a play’s set, costumes and performance…
“The director, Christopher Loar, encourages the cast toward extreme literalism, so when a chauffeur kisses his mistress “smilingly,” Dylan Marron grins toothily throughout their ardent embrace. When a girl “convulses with laughter,” Roberta Colindrez (late of “Fun Home”) falls to the floor, drumming her heels as she giggles. Each time someone pales or blushes (which is very, very often), out come the red and white powders.”ct of a play’s set, costumes and performance…
- Alexis Soloski, NY Times Review, Aug 2014

 > Visit OnStage @ Connecticut College website for tickets, or call the ticket office 860-439-2787 


Saturday, October 25NeoFuturists2.jpg

Join us for a free day of programming, and learn how O’Neill’s eccentric and highly specific directions (a) serve as critical instruction to convey thematic material, and (b) come to be ironically captivating source material for modern devised theater. Readings of O’Neill’s one-act FOG, at the center of NY Neo-Futurists stage adaptation, are followed by scholar/expert panel discussion, audience Q&A, and free tours of O’Neill’s boyhood summer home, Monte Cristo Cottage.

  • Welcome Reception: 10:00 a.m. 
  • Readings & Discussion Panels: 10:30 a.m.
  • Panel Q&A: 12:00 p.m.
  • Tour Monte Cristo Cottage: 1:00-4:00 p.m.


> For questions and to register, call 860-443-5378 or email theaterlives@theoneill.org.