National Puppetry Conference 
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You may apply to attend the pre-conference, the main conference, or both. Applicants may choose from several strands -- from marionettes to writing. The main conference offers many different roles, and it is important to learn more about each available role and strand, and apply to the one best suited to you. Beyond their strands, all attendees have the opportunity to create their own original short form works in the evening Participant Projects and learn from mentor teachers outside their strand in the multiple master classes offered each day.

Only complete applications will be considered, which include  1) an application form, 2) additional materials (requirements differ by strand; see preplists below), and 3) application fee of $35.

If you have any questions, please contact or call 860.443.5378 x227 

Deciding on Your Role in the Conference

Below are the many different roles available to our applicants. Please click on each role to learn more and access its distinct programming and application.

PRE-CONFERENCE: All strands in the pre-conference are open to both new and returning attendees. If you are applying to attend only the Pre-Conference, please use the Participant Preplist below to ready your materials. Pre-Conference Intensives offered in 2018 are: Text Creation, Movement and Experimental Puppetry, Mechanisms, Video Anarchy and Your Voice in Comedy Writing. Learn More about these Pre-Conference Intensives.

MAIN CONFERENCE: Please consider which role in the main conference is the best fit for you. Please note that some roles are only appropriate for past attendees of the National Puppetry Conference and/or experienced puppet artists, while others are open to all applicants. Learn More about the Main Conference.

For new and returning attendees:

> Participant

If this is your first time applying to the conference, we recommend this role for you. This role is also appropriate for returning participants and advanced artists, as each year is challenging and inspiring in different ways.

Participant Strands offered in 2018 are:

Ronnie Burkett: CRAVE with Ronnie Burkett
Martin Kettling: Writing: Shape & Story
Philip Huber: Marionette Manipulation
Jim Rose with Kurt Hunter: Marionette Construction
Yael Rasooley in collaboration with Iliya Magalnyk: The puppeteer, the object, and the secret in between

To apply as a PARTICIPANT, please download the Participant Preplist [PDF or MS Word] and then proceed to the Application.

> Music Participant

A Music Participant is given the unique opportunity to collaborate with puppetry artists as they create new works for the stage. Ideal candidates are composers with a strong performance and improvisation background and familiarity with or willingness to experiment with different styles and genres of music.

Learn more about the Music Strand here.

To apply as a MUSICIAN, please download the Musician Preplist [PDF or MS Word] and then proceed to the Application.

For returning attendees:

> Emerging Artist

The Emerging Artists Strand is for returning attendees at a critical juncture in their careers as puppet artists: a place in their lives where working intensely on a particular project or aspect of their work could lead to important breakthroughs. In the application, please describe in detail what your work during the conference is likely to be and how you will work with mentors in writing and directing, as well as other artists from the Conference staff as needed, to achieve your project goals.

Learn more about the Emerging Artist Strand here.

To apply as an EMERGING ARTIST, please download the Emerging Artist Preplist [PDF or MS Word] and then proceed to the Application.

> Resident Company Member

The Resident Company Member Strand is for returning attendees. During the main conference, Resident Company Members  support the work of the Emerging Artists and the Artist in Residence to develop their projects by working under their direction for the majority of the conference day.

Learn more about the Resident Company Member Strand here.

To apply as a RESIDENT COMPANY MEMBER, please download the Resident Company Member Preplist [PDF or MS Word] and then proceed to the Application.

By invitation only:

> Artist in Residence

This role is for the more experienced puppeteer, though previous attendance is not required. This role will allow you to focus on the development on an area of your choice, be it aesthetic, career, a specific problem in a piece, or to rehearse a part of a piece in progress. You may bring your own cast, for a fee of $750.00 per performer. This entitles them to all of the conference's activities and workshops as applicable, as well as housing and meals.  You may also use the Resident Company Members. Past Artists in Residence include: Ronald Binion, Marc Weiner, Bonnie Remsberg, Richard Termine, Heather Henson, Jane Henson, Ulysses Jones & Megan McNerney, Scott Hitz, and WonderSpark Puppets.

Please Note:  This strand is by invitation only


Thank you for your interest!  

Please contact the literary office with any questions or concerns throughout the process. We devote much of our year to this process and are always happy to speak with puppeteers.

**Reach us by phone at 860.443.5378 ext.227 and by email at